Helping Individuals, Teams, and Organizations Thrive in Our Networked World

Networked Leadership

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Make IT Work

Make IT Work
Make IT Work »

  • Are you a leader who needs to influence others but feel overwhelmed by the task?
  • Do you need to create change in the organization but feel thwarted by a culture that embraces the status quo?
  • Is your organization struggling to understand how to thrive in its business ecosystem?
  • Are you ready to get beyond conventional wisdom to what really works?

Prepare Your Organization to Perform in Our Networked World

Our practice is grounded in knowledge of organizational networks: the complex, interrelated, and often messy webs of relationships that drive all organizational activity. By tapping into networks, we accelerate change initiatives, find hidden high potentials, and increase collaboration. We help organizations like yours use networks to improve performance and change more effectively.

We help develop networked leadership. Today, leaders need to work through others to make an impact. We help leaders systematically and strategically understand, analyze, and gain value from their networks.

We pay attention to business ecosystems. Today’s organizations are embedded in multiple, complex relationships outside the firm that have significant implications for how companies plan for the future, and they ignore those implications at their own risk. We help organizations understand and influence their business ecosystems.

Our clients work in the knowledge sector: technology, financial services, biotech, and academia. We consult, facilitate, train and transfer knowledge to help you build stronger, more resilient organizations.

We help individuals, teams, and organizations thrive in our networked world.