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Free Activities & Tools

  • Speed Coaching – Need to get people energized and connected quickly? Speed coaching is the way to do it! This fast-paced, interactive activity helps launch any meeting or deepen any group’s relationships through a structured, fun, speed coaching format. This is one of our favorite activities and, with our easy guide, you can run it yourself in your organization. Free Resource.
  • Your Turn: Who’s at Risk? – It’s your turn to make the decision. In this 1-page case study, a nonprofit organization needs to find the rising stars among its volunteer pool and identify who’s at risk for being over-burdened. You have the volunteer structure and the volunteers’ work patterns. Who do you think is at risk? Partnering Resources Learning Case.
  • Cascading Goals System – A powerful tool that organizations use to create alignment up, down and across the company. In addition to creating alignment, cascading goals also help identify extraneous activities so they can be retired; identify measures that track mission-critical activities; and create intense focus on what’s really important. Free Resource.

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