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What are Business Ecosystems?

Business Ecosystem Model developed by Dr. James F. Moore

I recently wrote about business ecosystems, adaptability, and change leadership. This post takes us back to the basics: what are business ecosystems?

Business ecosystems are dynamic webs of interdependent organizations that rely on each other for success.

Traditional thinking envisions companies as rivals, battling each other for dominance and profit. Today’s organizations operate in a more complex world. They integrate competition and cooperation in innovative and unexpected ways and they need each other in order to survive.

James F. Moore, who coined the term, explains that business ecosystems include those we’ve always considered to be part of a corporation: those inside the organization’s walls plus distribution channels and direct suppliers.

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Lessons from the Octopus: Business Ecosystems, Adaptability, and Change Leadership

A camouflaged octopus has much to teach organizations about thriving in business ecosystems. Image:

Why should companies care about octopuses? It turns out that there’s plenty to learn from these creatures about adaptability, change leadership, and business ecosystems.

Rafe Sagarin, author of Learning from the Octopus: How Secrets from Nature Can Help Us Fight Terrorist Attacks, Natural Disasters, and Disease, is a fan of the octopus. Not only are these creatures highly intelligent and capable of problem solving, they also have the ability to camouflage in sophisticated ways. When moving from one area of the ocean to another, they rapidly change color to match their surroundings. To the human eye, it’s almost too fast to see: octopuses blend almost instantaneously with the fauna behind them.

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