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Change Leadership: How to Make the Change Stick

sticky candy

This excellent, undervalued article should get more attention. According to Grenny, Maxfield, & Shimberg in MIT Sloan Management Review, applying 4 or more of the following helps increase the likelihood by ten times that the change will stick.

Their model says that there are three ways to influence: at the individual, social, or structural level. Then, there are two ways to engage people: through motivation (helping them gain motivation for the change) or through ability (helping them gain the skills needed to support the change). All together, this creates six ways to influence change. Using four or more increases the likelihood of success.

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Talent Management for CIOs: Learning from IT Networks about Organizational Networks

Organization Network Analysis

“It’s not the technical stuff that worries me. It’s the people.”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this from IT leaders. They feel confident with the infrastructure, budgeting, project delivery, support, and project management aspects of their jobs. It’s the people stuff that does them in.

It’s not surprising. People are annoyingly complex, creative, and stubborn creatures who continually find ways to do new and interesting things (when you don’t want them to) or resist change (when you want them to change). However, most IT people already have a hidden asset to help them manage people: their understanding of networks.

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Who’s at Risk?: Evaluating Burnout through Organizational Networks

Burnout - iStock

It’s your turn to make the decision.

In this 1-page case study on Board Development, a nonprofit organization needs to find the rising stars among its volunteer pool and identify who’s at risk for being over-burdened. You have the volunteer structure, the volunteers’ work patterns, and organizational networks data.

Who do you think is at risk?

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Free Team Communication Activity: Learning from Organizational Networks

Networks at Play is a short experiential activity that introduces participants to the concepts of hidden social networks and of critical connectors. It’s a fun, fast way to help participants understand how information flows in teams and how networks affect effective communication. We’re proud to announce that “Networks at Play” was just published in the 2011 Pfeiffer Consulting Annual. For your free copy, click here (PDF).

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Measuring the Intangible through Organizational Networks

NBP - Social DWM

There are many ways to evaluate culture, collaboration, employee morale, team performance, and the impact of restructuring. But it’s difficult to measure all five at once without over-stressing the organization. The National Braille Press successfully used organizational networks and network analysis to evaluate its progress and identify simple but effective improvement actions. Read National Braille Press White Paper to find out how they did it.

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Speed Coaching: A Fun Jumpstart for Collaboration at Work

Speed Coaching

How can 40 people share expertise in meaningful ways in just 30 minutes? With speed coaching, of course! This staple from our training programs helps people gain real-time assistance with on-the-job challenges. It’s been used successfully in the financial services, pharmaceutical, insurance, technology, and education industries. This Speed Coaching article tells you exactly how to replicate speed coaching in your organization.

Check it out if you need an innovative, easy way to:

  • Break the ice during community of practice meetings.
  • Help people clear their heads and focus before beginning a meeting.
  • Solve small problems at the beginning of project team meetings.
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