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"Who Trumps How": How to Use Organizational Networks to Improve Succession Planning

Passing the Baton

Succession planning is a great idea. All too often, though, it fails to deliver on its promises by promoting the wrong person into the job.

The problem is that the people making the decision use the information they have at hand about the person’s knowledge, skills, and experience in the company. That sounds good, but it’s missing something important: the relationships.

People get things done in organizations through people. And if the relationships aren’t strong, the person won’t succeed.

Check out this quick slide show to see a story of succession gone wrong, and why, through the lens of organizational networks.

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Accelerating Time to Productivity: Using Network Science for Rapid On-boarding

Best-in-class on-boarding programs can achieve significant improvements—up to 50%—in time to proficiency.  How do they do it? Research shows that best-in-class programs are more likely to help new hires form the connections they need to be successful.

In this lively, interactive session, featured at NEHRA’s Spring Conference, we explore how network science helps us identify and create on-boarding programs that accelerate time to productivity. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the connection between informal networks and staff success on the job. We’ll assess how well our current on-boarding and integration programs incorporate informal networks. Participants will leave with concrete, actionable next steps for leveraging informal networks and accelerating time to productivity.

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Welcome! Now Work hits SlideShare’s Top Tweet List

“Welcome! Now Get to Work…” is a brief presentation that outlines best practices in new hire on-boarding. It includes discussion of socialization and networks — key elements of successful new hire integration processes. The presentation made SlideShare’s Top Tweet list and was featured on its front page on October 27, 2009.

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"Leveraging Social Networks to Accelerate Change" Presentation at the Midwest Talent Management Forum

The Talent Management Forum features a day of sessions on compensation, onboarding, leadership development, case studies, and more. Maya Townsend is presenting “How Work Really Gets Done — Leveraging Social Networks to Accelerate Change” on September 25, 2009. The conference will be held in Madison, WI.

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