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Your Turn: Did the Change Work?

Organizational Networks at the National Braille Press

Test Your Change Leadership Knowledge

It’s your turn to make the decision. Test your change leadership knowledge through this quick self-directed learning activity.

In this 1-page case study, the new Executive Director of a nonprofit organization needs to decide how well his change initiatives have been implemented and what his next steps should be. You have information about the change initiatives and data about how people collaborate.

What would you do if you were in his shoes?

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Your Turn: Who Should be the Next CEO?

Succession - Work

It’s your turn to make the decision. Test your succession planning knowledge with this quick, self-directed activity.

In this 1-page learning case on Succession Planning, Jerry is retiring and needs to decide who he will groom to be his successor. You have his organization chart and data about how people collaborate.

Who will you choose to be the next CEO?

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"Who Trumps How": How to Use Organizational Networks to Improve Succession Planning

Passing the Baton

Succession planning is a great idea. All too often, though, it fails to deliver on its promises by promoting the wrong person into the job.

The problem is that the people making the decision use the information they have at hand about the person’s knowledge, skills, and experience in the company. That sounds good, but it’s missing something important: the relationships.

People get things done in organizations through people. And if the relationships aren’t strong, the person won’t succeed.

Check out this quick slide show to see a story of succession gone wrong, and why, through the lens of organizational networks.

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Measuring the Intangible through Organizational Networks

NBP - Social DWM

There are many ways to evaluate culture, collaboration, employee morale, team performance, and the impact of restructuring. But it’s difficult to measure all five at once without over-stressing the organization. The National Braille Press successfully used organizational networks and network analysis to evaluate its progress and identify simple but effective improvement actions. Read National Braille Press White Paper to find out how they did it.

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PMI Mass Bay Event: Leveraging Informal Networks to Improve Project Success Rates

The statistics about project success are daunting: too many fail to finish on time, within budget, and according to scope. Only 5% of change initiatives are completed on time and with minimal disruption to the organization, according to Gartner. Clearly, traditional tools are not enough.

Every organization has hidden networks of relationships that employees use in order to get work done, make decisions, and solve problems. These networks have been largely ignored, but hold the keys to improving performance and accelerating change.

On January 21, 2010, PMI Mass Bay Chapter members and guests will learn how PMs can use hidden networks to improve project performance.

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