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The Most Overlooked Asset in Organization Change

Communication World

Organizations have been changing for millennia, but people still struggle to lead change effectively. It’s difficult to send consistent messages, maintain momentum, and engage employees over the long haul. Luckily, organizations have a hidden asset that leaders can use to accelerate change.

This new article, just published on Communication World, explains this hidden asset and just how leaders can use it to accelerate and improve organization change.

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Every Exec Needs a RACI Model


“Even a thorough project plan can leave room for confusion about individual duties. A RACI model — or a visual map of everyone’s responsibilities — helps to prevent chaos from ensuing.” But how can leaders use RACI effectively? Partnering Resources founder Maya Townsend is featured in this Build magazine article on the ubiquitous RACI model.

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“When Leading Change, Think Like a High-School Machiavelli” at the Inc 5000 Conference


“The statistics on change are rather bleak. According to McKinsey Quarterly, only 38 percent of leaders who recently attempted an organizational change rated the outcome as better than somewhat successful.

“Not exactly a great track record. Speaking at the Inc 5000 conference, organizational expert and founder of Partnering Resources Maya Townsend shares some easy-to-implement tips for creating an environment that is open to change.”

Check out this article, by Kasey Wehrum of Inc. magazine, to learn how to successfully lead your organization through change.

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“What Got You Here Won’t Get You There” at the Inc 5000 Conference

"What Got You Here Won't Get You There" panel at the 2013 Inc 500 | 5000 Conference

“Everyone knows the law of large numbers: the bigger you grow, the harder it is to grow fast. But mathematics isn’t the only cloud threatening a successful company’s parade. “The growth that landed you on the Inc. 5000 carries with it the seeds of problems you didn’t have when you were smaller,” Inc.’s editor in chief, Eric Schurenberg, warned the audience at the annual Inc. 5000 conference.

“What got you here won’t get you there. So what will get you there?”

This article by Leigh Buchanan of Inc magazine will tell you. Partnering Resources founder Maya Townsend, one of the three panelists at the Inc 5000 conference, and is featured in the article.

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Maya Townsend Presents “Understanding Business Ecosystems” at the SHRM Strategy Conference

SHRM Strategy Conference Logo

Today’s customer landscape is not tomorrow’s. Yesterday’s star employees are not today’s. And who knows what the economy will do? Yet companies need to continue performing amidst these changes. It’s hard to see the forest-the ecosystem-when you’re stuck in the weeds.

Partnering Resources founder Maya Townsend presents a simple, yet robust, methodology for mapping business ecosystems and explore how HR professionals can use this strategic tool to benefit their companies at the 2013 SHRM Strategy conference. Participants will learn:

  • What ecosystems are and why they matter HR professionals
  • How two organizations–eCopy and the Austin Health Adolescent Initiative–used business ecosystem mapping to understand their environment
  • The process for conducting a business ecosystem assessment

Join Partnering Resources founder Maya Townsend at the SHRM Strategy Conference in San Diego!

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Maya Townsend Presents “Networked Organizations” in Boston, September 2013


Companies work in complex, overlapping, constantly changing environments. Today’s customer landscape is not tomorrow’s. And who knows what the economy will do? Yet companies need to produce and perform consistently amidst these changes. Creative companies find opportunities in their ecosystems amidst the tumult. In “Networked Organizations,” led by Partnering Resources founder Maya Townsend on September 19, 2013 for the Mass Bay OD Learning Group, participants learn methods that help OD consultants and their clients navigate their strategic landscape.

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Highlights of The Build Network Conference in Boston

Make Change Stick

In June, eighty leaders of mid-sized companies convened at the Build Network conference in Cambridge, MA. The highlights (besides an incredibly enthusiastic, engaged audience that make my presentation on “Six Strategies for Making Change Stick” a ton of fun) were:

  • Dan Ritzenthaler (@danritz) and Nelson Joyce (@nelsonjoyce) of HubSpot (@HubSpot) talking about a technique they picked up from Google that makes every meeting better. Called “Always Be Capturing,” it centers on capturing all thoughts, timelines, issues in meetings. If it’s not worth capturing, it’s time to move on. Dan and Nelson said that this simple technique reduced conflict and accelerated design from months to five days in a recent intensive session with Google.
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Maya Townsend Presents on Change Strategy at The Build Network

The Build Network

Maya Townsend of Partnering Resources presents “Six Strategies for Making Change Stick (HINT: Connections Matter!)” in July at the 2013 Build Boston SOLVE! Session. Here’s how Build describes the change strategy session:

Challenge: To get better, we have to evolve — but only 38% of leaders say their change efforts have actually improved performance. Why is it so tough to win buy-in and make change stick?

Solution: Change by dictum doesn’t work. The only thing that does: connections, and lot of them. Studies show that effective change makers simultaneously employ these six strategies for building the individual, social, and structural connections that make transformation excite — and, therefore, take hold within — an organization.

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Cheryl Coonahan Presents on Value Network Analysis at PMI Boston

PMI Mass Bay

Business processes are more complex than ever before. Project Managers need to understand them well in order to write requirements, design solutions, and make improvements. Yet, rapidly changing, exception-based, complex processes stymie traditional process mapping efforts.

The Value Network Analysis (VNA) methodology is well suited to showing how processes produce value. Sometimes considered the ideal process mapping tool for the complexity era, VNA excels at identifying and analyzing non-linear, dynamic processes. VNA also effectively maps business ecosystems: a dynamic structure of interconnected organizations that depend on each other for mutual survival.

In this workshop, featured at the 2013 Professional Development Day sponsored by the Project Management Institute Massachusetts Bay Chapter, Cheryl Coonahan of Partnering Resources introduces participants to the VNA methodology.

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Using Networks for HR Talent at SHRM Talent Conference

SHRM I Am Speaking

Partnering Resources founder Maya Townsend presented “Stacking the Deck: Using Hidden Organizational Networks to Identify and Develop High Potentials and Succession Plans” at the 2013 SHRM Talent conference. The session covered use of networks and network analysis for succession planning, onboarding, and talent development. The room was packed and participants proclaimed it “Best Conference Workshop.”

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