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Change Leadership

  • Successful Change Leadership

    Becoming a Change Leader – If you want to lead your organization to achieve its goals – and stand out from the pack when competing for jobs – you need to learn how to lead change effectively. Published on
  • Success Factors for Lasting Change – It takes time and a surprising amount of effort to shift an organization to a new way of operating. According to a recent McKinsey study, only 38% of responding organizations believed their transformation was completely or mostly successful at improving the company’s performance. This article explains the factors to put in place in order to make your change effort a success. Published on Corp Ed
  • Informal Networks Linked to Success of Change Initiatives – If you’ve ever wondered about whether networks really make a difference, you now have an answer. A joint study sponsored by the Northeast HR Association and Partnering Resources finds new links between networks and change success. Some of the findings include:
    • The success of a change initiative is linked to the strength of the change leader(s)’ personal networks.
    • HR professionals use multiple methods during change to leverage informal networks–but don’t realize that they’re tapping into network analysis techniques.
    • People rely on formal leaders for making decisions, solving problems, and giving advice during change… potentially causing bottlenecks due to over-reliance on leaders. Published on
  • How Work Really Gets Done: Leveraging Social Networks to Accelerate Change – Have you ever wondered how the grapevine affects improvement efforts? How a leader’s social connections support his or her success leading a change effort? Whether you can make your next talent management initiative more successful by tapping into social networks? Every organization has hidden networks of relationships that employees use in order to get work done, make decisions, and solve problems. These networks have been largely ignored by leaders, but hold the keys to improving performance and accelerating change. This presentation shows how we can use hidden networks to improve organizational learning and talent management. Presented at the Midwest Talent Management Forum, 2009.
  • Change 101 – A primer on the basics: the five elements of successful planned change, how to make change stick, steps in the planning process, and where to go for more information. Partnering Resources Article.
  • Change Capacity Survey – Helps organizations understand the challenges to successful change in the organization. This tool was featured by Gartner in its report Planning and Managing Change in the IT Organization. Free Resource.
  • What is Leadership: Practical Tips from Three Local Leaders – Often people can’t describe leadership, but they know it when they see it. In this article, three local leaders describe what they think about the best leadership—not in theory, but in practice in today’s organizations. Published on Corp Ed
  • Lessons from the Field: Applying Complex Adaptive Systems Theory to Organization Change – This article explains how insights from the new sciences can help organizations break through to new insights and actions. Published on OD Practitioner.

You might also enjoy this great blog post, Ten Ways to Get People to Change, by Morten T. Hansen for the Harvard Business Review Blog Network.

Organization Learning

  • Organization Learning. Image: Escher.

    Learning Matters! – Projects are more than 100 percent more successful today than they were in 1994, according to Boston’s The Standish Group. How can we explain this tremendous improvement? We’re learning. This article shows the strategic value of learning and how you can embed learning into your organization. Published in Mass High Tech.
  • OD Gets Wired – Three facts of life in the wired world are that people are radically connected, collaboration trumps control, and our ecosystems are complex and constantly changing. Organization effectiveness and change leaders need to understand these facts in order to be successful. In this article, Partnering Resources consultants Maya Townsend and Bauback Yeganeh join four colleagues in order to explore the implications of the wired world. Published in OD Practitioner.
  • Your Turn: Who Should be the Next CEO? – It’s your turn to make the decision. In this 1-page case study, Jerry is retiring and needs to decide who he will groom to be his successor. You have his organization chart and data about how people collaborate. Who will you choose to be the next CEO? Partnering Resources Learning Case.
  • Your Turn: Did the Change Work? – It’s your turn to make the decision. In this 1-page case study, the new Executive Director of a nonprofit organization needs to decide how well his change initiatives have been implemented and what his next steps should be. You have information about the change initiatives and data about how people collaborate. What would you do if you were in his shoes? Partnering Resources Learning Case.

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