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Today’s changes are turbulent, overlapping, and unceasing. Partnering Resources gets below the surface to tackle the deep cultural issues that can make or break organizational change. We help you get out of reactive mode so you can drive real progress while your organization continues to evolve.

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Change Foundations is designed for organizations that need help starting their change management initiative.

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The Change Journey explains what organizations need to do in order to navigate change successfully.

 Change Consulting

Navigating Change

We bring a unique perspective to change. Like many, we believe that a change initiative’s success relies on active leadership and engaged employees. However, we also believe that informal networks of relationships formed by every person and every organization are critical and often neglected levers that organizations can use to drive change. In our work, we draw on network knowledge to help us accelerate the change process. For more information, read our “Change Navigation Services” summary.

“Due to changes in federal standards, we needed to decrease the length of our year-end close cycle by 30 calendar days. Maya facilitated a series of working meetings for us, bringing together people involved in all aspects of the close process. We looked at innovations, time-saving ideas, and other radical ideas that would help us achieve our goals. Each meeting was well-planned, creative, and engaging. Maya did an excellent job facilitating our diverse group and helping us figure out how to successfully meet this challenge.” – Project Director, Finance Organization

“Working with Partnering Resources was a true pleasure! From the extensive preparations and the participant interviews to the facilitation and follow-up, this was truly a first class operation. We emerged with an energized management team with a common vision and clear agenda. This will serve as the foundation for our company’s efforts for the next several years.” – CEO, technology company

See our success story on Mobilizing an Organization to Achieve a Major Goal or Aligning an Entire Organization around Ambitious Goals.

Contact us to learn how we can help your mission-critical change initiative hit the mark.

Change Strategy & Network Analysis

Every organization has a hidden system: a web of relationships and informal networks that make or break strategies and plans. This system has its benefits: it helps get things done, disseminates knowledge, and incubates innovation. And, when properly leveraged, this system can catapult organizations to success. Organization Network Analysis (ONA) uncovers this hidden system through a simple, online assessment. Leaders discover hidden resources, allies, informal leaders, and experts who can be activated in order to make change happen. For more information, see our Network Analysis FAQs.

Engagement Strategy Development

Moving a ten thousand person workforce from low to high engagement can have a positive impact worth millions of dollars in increased effectiveness and efficiency. Who wouldn’t want that for their company?

Yet, so many organizations miss the boat when it comes to employee engagement. Deadlines interfere, best intentions get lost amidst fire fighting, and the company stays in its unengaged rut.

We help you tap into your organization’s brain trust by engaging your employees in meaningful, value-added ways. We work with you to identify the right engagement method given your context and goals. The results: The benefits of higher engagement from better ideas to higher morale, increased productivity, and lower attrition.

Contact us to find out how we can help your organization develop and implement a sound engagement strategy.

Collaboration Strategy

IT Collaboration. Image courtesy of Bob Akerley.

Just as no person is an island, no individual can do his or her work in isolation. To be truly effective, organizations need people who can reach across boundaries to tap experts, decision-makers, and innovators when needed. Those who do are more likely to succeed than those that operate in a vacuum.

We work with you to design a collaboration strategy that works for your unique culture and context. We start with an assessment that pinpoints critical barriers to collaboration and learning identifies easy leverage points. We work with you to translate the results of the assessment into action plans and then support you during their execution. The result: a more collaborative, effective organization that evolves, shares knowledge, and works together to achieve its goals.

Contact us to discuss which assessment will help answer your pressing questions about your organization.


Collaborating for Success

In an increasingly complex world, we rely on our colleagues across department, organizational, and cultural boundaries in order to get things done. The challenge of collaboration at work is considerable. People have different agendas, action items, responsibilities, and assumptions. Sometimes it feels like herding cats.

In this workshop, we learn about what it takes to cross the “white spaces” effectively and achieve results. Participants can’t stop raving about Collaborating for Success, our most popular course:

“I have to give the class a vigorous thumbs up (if this was Facebook, I’d “like” it multiple times). It was well organized, ran well, and focused on actionable skills and responses to collaborating well with partners across functions.” – Participant

“The only feedback for the class would be to talk it up more beforehand. I think it is a class to get excited about.” – Participant

“I was so happy with this course that I recommended it to someone before it was even over.” – Participant

Becoming a Change Leader

The statistics on change are dismal. McKinsey Quarterly reported that only 38% of leaders believed their recent transformation effort was better than somewhat successful. And the project success rates (coming in on time, within budget, and to scope) are lower than anyone would like. Clearly, there’s room for improvement. In this engaging, participatory session, participants learn what it takes to become successful change leaders. Download the Becoming a Change Leader Overview.

“Excellent session. Great information, structured well, excellent and entertaining presentation style. Real take away value.” – Participant

“Excellent session – exceeded expectations. Great combo of engaging delivery and actionable content.” – Participant

“Best session on change I’ve ever attended.” – Participant

Contact us to find out how we can help your organization build change leadership skills.

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