Client Feedback about Partnering Resources’ Workshops

It was a real pleasure to have the opportunity to work with you this year. It was a huge learning experience for me and most of those in our women’s learning and resource group. Thank you for sharing so much of your time and ideas with us in such a collaborative and customized way.

I've got the [business ecosystem mapping] religion. A new world has opened up for me. I'm excited to have this tool.

Participant, Business Ecosystem Mapping & Analysis

I have been meaning to send you a note about the Collaborating for Success class I recently attended. Maya was the instructor. I truly enjoyed and definitely learned a lot from the class. One thing I really thought was great how familiar Maya was with [our company] culture and how she addressed to everyone with “we” instead of “you.” She was able to gain my confidence and trust by using this approach!

Project Manager, financial services organization

I have to give the class a vigorous thumbs up (if this was Facebook, I’d “like” it multiple times). It was well organized, ran well, and focused on actionable skills and responses to collaborating well with partners across functions.

Participant, financial services organization

This has been the most positive experience I have had in my sixteen years with [the company]. To me it was a gift. This morning, I found that I came to work with a different attitude. Please convey my thanks to all who were involved.

Manager, energy generation company

I’ve never seen such uniform positive responses. It’s a home run. Congratulations!

Director, energy generation company

Wonderful class!!! This was the best class so far – the team work / collaboration very interactive – really demonstrated the core material and got the point(s) driven home.

Participant, Strategic Success workshop

Maya was the best instructor so far in the 4 course series. She had personal experiences that were helpful to us and also was an effective facilitator and always moving us to the next level.

Manager, telecom organization

I was so happy with this course that I recommended it to someone before it was even over.

Participant, Collaborating for Success workshop

The only feedback for the class would be to talk it up more beforehand. I think it is a class to get excited about.

Participant, Collaborating for Success workshop

One of the *BEST* classes ever. Immediate ability to use in real life, day-to-day.

Participant, Collaborating for Success workshop

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