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Collaboration at Work: Increasing Project, Team and Organization Effectiveness

Herding the Smart Cats: IT Change Leadership

In an increasingly complex world, we rely on our colleagues across department, organizational, and cultural boundaries in order to get things done. The challenge of collaboration at work is considerable. People have different agendas, action items, responsibilities, and assumptions. Sometimes it feels like herding cats.

Yet, to be successful, we must develop productive relationships and successfully manage differences. In this workshop, we learn about what it takes to cross the “white spaces” effectively and achieve results.

Participants can’t stop raving about Collaborative Capacity, our most popular course:

“I have to give the class a vigorous thumbs up (if this was Facebook, I’d “like” it multiple times). It was well organized, ran well, and focused on actionable skills and responses to collaborating well with partners across functions.” – Participant

“The only feedback for the class would be to talk it up more beforehand. I think it is a class to get excited about.” – Participant

“I was so happy with this course that I recommended it to someone before it was even over.” – Participant

“This is the best class I’ve ever taken here.” – Participant

To learn more about collaboration at work, check out our resources or our collaboration consulting services. To attend an upcoming public workshop or to schedule a private workshop in your organization, contact Laura Kangas at 508.574.1672.

Creating a Collaborative Culture

Today’s organizations are dependent on collaboration for results, innovation, and execution. Yet, collaboration at work doesn’t come easily. Recent studies report that too little collaboration is the #1 barrier to innovation. In addition, too little collaboration can cause project delays, generate communication snafus, and overtax organizations. This course looks at how leaders can create cultures that fully support and encourage smart collaboration among departments and divisions. This workshop is best suited for organizational leaders, at director, VP levels and above, and intact leadership groups.

To attend an upcoming public workshop or to schedule a private workshop in your organization, contact Laura Kangas at 508.574.1672 or contact Laura using this form:

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