Blogging for IT Leadership: Future of Work Enabled

Workforce planning, tech leaders with poor people skills, and critical job vacancies are three topics I’ve recently covered for a new blog called the Future of Work Enabled. The blog explores issues of IT leadership in the networked, hyper-connected enterprise.

Here’s the description of the blog:

New forces are changing the way corporations are organized, how they get work done in the most efficient ways to meet their goals, and how employees approach their workdays. Information technology that makes all of these changes possible – but only when the IT group and its partners in the business community select the right opportunities, the right technologies, and the right strategies to enable this new way of getting work done.

That’s where the Future of Work Enabled community can help. Our roster of expert bloggers, Webcast guests, and the members of the site have gathered to share their real-world experiences, opinions, and concerns about enabling this new model for work in the corporate world.

I’m delighted to be part of the community and to post on IT workforce, culture, and change issues.

Four of my posts are now up on the site:

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