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Unlike other networking approaches that focus on behavioral best practices (“hold your business card like this” and “shake hands like that”), Partnering Resources draws on scientific research to identify how participants can systematically and strategically build, maintain, and benefit from networks.

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Collaboration across borders. Image by Hannah W on flickr.Having difficulty collaborating across boundaries? Read our article “Building Alliances Across Divisions” on Organization Network AnalysisAre handoffs suffering? People failing to collaborate effectively? Use Network Analysis to find the simple actions that quickly resolve the problem.

Collaboration Consulting

As work teams grow more complex and diverse, members are challenged to connect across differences in geography, language, personality, and expertise. Teams can accomplish impressive feats when collaborating effectively. When they fail to collaborate, work can fall through the cracks, organizations can miss opportunities, and goals can suffer.

We help organizations overcome collaboration challenges. We assess the state of collaboration, teach skills, coach leaders, and develop initiatives designed to create coherent, high functioning organizations.

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Organization Network Analysis

Organization Network Analysis

A web-based organization network analysis reveals how organization members collaborate, draw on others’ expertise, and solve problems. The results are displayed in colorful visual maps that reveal patterns across departments, organization levels, and geographies. They answer questions like:

  • Impact: What kind of impact are communities of practice, departments, and organizations having on innovation, problem solving, and performance?
  • Collaboration: How well connected and collaborative are staffers?
  • Knowledge: Where does knowledge flow freely and where is it blocked?
  • Leadership Imperatives: What does the organizational network need from its leaders and how can they provide it?
  • Talent: Where are the hidden subject matter experts, influencers, and informal leaders?

Specialized services include:

  • Employee Network Assessment – Discover the impact that practice centers, diversity networks, and communities of practice have on performance. Common clients: Women’s Leadership Networks, Project Manager Communities of Practice.
  • Leadership Network Assessment – Understand the strengths and gaps in leaders’ networks. Common clients: VPs of organizations seeking to increase synergy and knowledge sharing between areas, Directors leading strategic change initiatives.

Read more about Organization Network Analysis.

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Professional Development Workshops

Most people have no idea how to think strategically about their professional networks. They don’t understand the assets or gaps in their networks. Furthermore, they don’t know how to act strategically in order to optimize their networks. We offer live and virtual workshops that help participants learn how to build, sustain, and leverage networks strategically and systematically.

Download our Smarter Networking live workshop and Smarter Networking virtual workshop briefs.

Network Strategy Development

Identify and implement the types of networks your company needs to be successful.

Leadership Network Development

Design and develop the leadership relationships that your company needs to thrive.

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