How do you know what’s not working? Companies and people are complex, layered, and dynamic. Organization assessment helps provide a more holistic view of the situation and help leaders identify the few actions that will make a big difference.

Partnering Resources offers a number of organization assessment tools. Not sure which assessment is right for your organization? The chart below shows the target audiences for some of Partnering Resources most popular tools. To discuss the tools in more depth, contact us.

Our Most Popular Assessment Tools

Organization Assessment

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Organization assessments help when you know something’s wrong but need help figuring out where to begin. They point to root causes rather than symptoms, solutions rather than quick fixes. More often than not, they fill in the gaps so people have a more complete understanding of what’s getting in the way of success and why.

Partnering Resources offers a number of ways to assess organization performance and opportunity, including Organizational Network Analysis, Value Network Analysis, KEYS for Creativity, and customized assessments. Our Organization Assessment: Options and Outcomes document provides an overview of our top five assessment tools along with a description the outcomes and deliverables you can expect from each assessment.

Network Analysis

Every organization has a hidden system: a web of relationships and informal networks that make or break strategies and plans. This system has its benefits: it helps get things done, disseminates knowledge, and incubates innovation. And, when properly leveraged, this system can catapult organizations to success. Organization Network Analysis (ONA) uncovers this hidden system through a simple, online assessment. Leaders discover the information and resources they need in order to make change happen, execute strategy, increase learning, and encourage innovation. For more information, see our Network Analysis FAQs.

Free Online! Adaptability & Opportunity Assessment

Is your organization equipped to survive in today’s rapidly changing market? Take this short Health Diagnostic to gauge your organization’s capacity to adapt and respond to the market. The 18 questions assess key factors supporting organizational resiliency, such as market impact, customer connection, strategic clarity, organizational agility, employee engagement, and market volatility.

360° Assessments

Leaders create conceptions of themselves: their strengths, weaknesses, and challenges. Unfortunately, these conceptions don’t always correspond with other people’s opinions. Blind spots, which can take the form of overlooked strengths or below-the-radar weaknesses, can prevent leaders from advancing in the organization and achieving new successes. One of the best tools for helping leaders uncover blind spots and improve effectiveness is the 360° assessment. Partnering Resources offers proven, field-tested 360° assessments developed by the top-rated Center for Creative Leadership.

Team Assessment

The team: a source of continual hope and frustration. Organizations form teams to integrate diverse competencies in order to achieve ambitious goals. Yet teams often flounder, unable to convert their knowledge and skill into results. Partnering Resources recommends the High Performance Team Workout for team assessment.

Assessment Chart: All of Partnering Resources’ Assessment Tools

LeadersManagersHigh PotentialsAllTeamsOrganizations
Executive Dimensions     
FIRO-B (Behavior) 
LJ Map Values
KEYS To Creativity    
Team Performance Inventory     
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