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Networks make work happen. People draw on their informal connections, their webs of relationships, every day in order to improve the business, make decisions, innovate, and collaborate.

At Partnering Resources, networks are central to everything we do. We help leaders consider the relationships that they need in order to be successful, forge the connections that create productive teams, and weave the webs that make organizations thrive.

Browse our articles and case studies about networks and how they can help with change, learning, performance, and talent management.

More articles are available on our blog. To learn about ecosystems–the larger networks that comprise an industry or a movement–see our ecosystem resources or our blog.

Free Activities & Tools

Pfeiffer Annual - Networks at Play
  • Networks at Play – A short experiential activity that introduces participants to the concepts of hidden social networks and of critical connectors. It’s a fun, fast way to help participants understand how information flows in teams and how networks influence effective communication. We’re proud to announce that “Networks at Play” was published in the 2011 Pfeiffer Consulting Annual. Free Resource.
  • Speed Coaching – Need to get people energized and connected quickly? Speed coaching is the way to do it! This fast-paced, interactive activity helps launch any meeting or deepen any group’s relationships through a structured, fun, speed coaching format. This is one of our favorite activities and, with our easy guide, you can run it yourself in your organization. Free Resource.
  • Your Turn: Who Should be the Next CEO? – It’s your turn to make the decision. In this 1-page case study, Jerry is retiring and needs to decide who he will groom to be his successor. You have his organization chart and data about how people collaborate. Who will you choose to be the next CEO? Partnering Learning Case.
  • Your Turn: Did the Change Work? – It’s your turn to make the decision. In this 1-page case study, the new Executive Director of a nonprofit organization needs to decide how well his change initiatives have been implemented and what his next steps should be. What would you do if you were in his shoes? Partnering Resources Learning Case.
  • Your Turn: Who’s at Risk? – It’s your turn to make the decision. In this 1-page case study, a nonprofit organization needs to find the rising stars among its volunteer pool and identify who’s at risk for being over-burdened. Who do you think is at risk? Partnering Resources Learning Case.

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