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Strategy in today’s environment is unpredictable, fragile, and easily influenced by external forces. Organizations can no longer expect their carefully conceived plans to survive even three years.

Instead of relying on rigid strategies, today’s organizations need to cultivate strategic resilience. They need to respond quickly to changing conditions without losing customers or diluting what makes the organization great.

Our process marries strategic thinking and change capabilities, so clients gain both the skill to develop resilient strategies and implement them. For more information, see our Strategy Announcement.

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Is your strategy stuck?

Is your strategy stuck in the 20th century? Read our new infographic to find out.

Listen to Maya talk about insights hidden in organization networks on Gtmhub podcast.

Strategic Planning for the Global Era

Strategy Amidst Complexity & Change

Strategic planning tools developed in the 20th century no longer work in our volatile, uncertain, complex world. The five-year strategic planning cycle is too slow. Competitors arrive unexpectedly. The market changes rapidly. New opportunities emerge out of the blue. Our strategy development process is designed for today’s ambiguous environment. We balance the need for stability and planning with the reality of constant change and adaptation. Clients gain resilient strategies that can weather environmental change, a roadmap to achieving those strategies, and the skills to conduct ongoing cycles of environmental scanning, strategy refinement, and change management.

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Finding Opportunity Amidst Complexity

Adaptive Business Ecosystems. Image from
the Alliance for Business Innovation

Organizations operate in complex ecosystems. In these constantly changing, unpredictable environments, competitors are sometimes collaborators, new opportunities emerge unexpectedly, and threats come without warning. The path to success is uncertain.

We use our proprietary Ecosystem Mapping™ technique to find hidden opportunities. Clients gain insight into the world of the client, under-served market niches, unaddressed problems, and waiting opportunities.

Read our case study: Strategic Decision Making in a Complex Ecosystem.

Contact us to uncover hidden opportunities, find unexpected partners, and discover what your ecosystem needs from your organization.

Connecting with the Core

Organizations can’t be everything to everyone. Trying to do too much leads to poor service and ineptly executed strategies. Organizations must understand their core: what they care about and what they excel at. Hard decisions must be made in order to stay focused and competent.

We use our proprietary Identity Stories™ technique to uncover core competencies and core value to stakeholders. Clients gain clarity about their unique purpose, skills, and market differentiators.

Read our case study: Refocusing after Executive Transition.

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Is your strategy stuck in the 20th century?

Image of "Is Your Strategy Stuck in 20th Century"

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