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Companies work in complex, overlapping, constantly changing environments. Creative companies find opportunities in their ecosystems amidst the tumult. To set sound strategy, you need to understand your ecosystem and the factors that drive success for organizations in that system.

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Ecosystem Mapping

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Business Ecosystem Map. Used with permission from Verna Allee.

Gain strategic advantage by mapping the ecosystem in which your organization operates. This service produces visual maps of complex ecosystems and addresses important questions like:

  • Robustness and Risk: How robust is the ecosystem in which the organization operates? What risks does the organization face within the ecosystem?
  • Partner Analysis: Who are the potential partners who can bring the connections and influence that the organization needs?
  • Innovation: How does the company’s product(s) fit within its innovation ecosystem?
  • Impact: Where do the company’s spheres of influence and impact reside?

Results: Deeper knowledge about how the ecosystem operates, more nuanced awareness of the company’s position within it, and indicators of ways to increase influence.

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Ecosystem Analysis & Measures

Acquire analytical tools and metrics to measure your company’s ecosystem and specific organizations within it. The Ecosystem Analysis & Measures service addresses questions like:

  • Value Creation: What value is our organization adding to the ecosystem?
  • Value Conversion: How efficiently does our organization and ecosystem convert  work into valuable products and services?
  • Tracking: What measures can help us indicate our productivity within the ecosystem? How can we track our progress?
  • Warning Systems: What indicators can help us anticipate risks and threats?

Results: Increased understanding of the health and productivity of a specific ecosystem and a target organization within it; identification of red flags and issues requiring immediate attention; and ability to set goals and track progress over time.

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Health Diagnostic

Increase your understanding of the fit between your organization and its ecosystem. The Health Diagnostic service answers questions like:

  • Customer Connection: How well connected is our organization to our customers?
  • Organizational Agility: How able is our organization to flex and adapt to change?
  • Strategic Clarity: How clear are we on our organizational goals and our path towards achieving those goals?

Results: Analysis of the fit between organization and ecosystem; identification of ways in which internal operations help or hinder the organization within the ecosystem; and indicators for optimizing organization-ecosystem fit.

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