The Power of Partnership

Photo by David Marcu on UnsplashWe believe in the power of partnership. We bring our expertise in organization development, strategy, and change. You bring your knowledge of your organization and its domain. We complement each other and, together, create something that couldn’t have been done individually.
What does this mean in practice? When working with us, you can expect:

Collective decision making about things that matter. We make recommendations, which we’ll discuss and resolve together. You bring ideas, which we’ll explore as a team. We decide on the shape of the project, the scope, the strategy, and the tactics together.

Openness to feedback so we can learn and grow together. If one of us doesn’t meet expectations, we say something quickly, before resentment can grow and fester. We provide suggestions with compassion in order to help the other learn.

Practical support so we can show up as our best selves. We watch each other’s backs by saying something when we’re getting in our own way. We give each other a heads up about stakeholders so we can tailor our style to their needs.

Mutual respect and appreciation. Working together is a choice. If we choose to work together, it’s because we respect and appreciate what the other brings to the table.

Shared responsibility for process and outcomes. We’re in this together. That means we don’t scapegoat each other. We share responsibility for making things happen as promised. When we suspect that we won’t be able to honor a commitment, we say so immediately so we can correct course together.

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