About The Practice

We help organizations and coalitions like yours find the hidden strengths that will help you change and collaborate more effectively. Our practice is grounded in knowledge of organizational networks: the complex, interrelated, and often messy webs of relationships that drive all organizational activity.

Here are the other guiding principles of our practice.

We believe in People.

People Context Ecosystem Graphic

Challenge: Leaders spend a lot of time thinking about how to manage people: who to hire, how to bring them on board, how to develop them, and how to reward them.

Solution: We believe that people have innate strengths, intelligence, and problem solving capabilities that can be used to help the organization break through gridlock and find innovative solutions. We help you find and unleash the strengths in your workforce so people can perform at their best.

We shape Context.

Challenge: People operate within a work context. If they don’t have the connections, the information, decision-making authority, or the direction they need, they won’t be successful.

Solution: We have helped dozens of organizations create the culture and context they need to move the organization forward. We help you develop the context that will bring the best out of your people.

We understand Ecosystems.

Challenge: Today’s organizations work in dynamic ecosystems: deeply integrated, interdependent constellations of organizations that affect each other’s performance. One organization’s actions can have a ripple effect through a system and generate unexpected windfalls for many companies. Or organizations within an ecosystem can compete viciously, hobble each others’ successes, and distract leaders from what’s important.

Solution: We help you understand your ecosystem. We help you build resiliency so your company can respond to unanticipated market shifts, seize opportunities, and thrive amidst uncertainty.

How We Work

How We Work - Discover, Design, Deploy, Evaluate
Action Research Cycle

Partnering Resources uses the well-established action research model in its work. We gather information through meetings, interviews, focus groups, or structured research processes to form a holistic understanding of the situation and to identify perspectives on the issue. Together, we review the data and identify next steps. Depending on our chosen approach, Partnering Resources facilitates, coaches, engages, and trains stakeholders in your organization and/or ecosystem as we deploy the solution we have designed in partnership with you. At the end of the engagement, we evaluate our work together and create a road map for your next steps.

What We Promise

We listen: Partnering Resources takes the time to get to know you and your organization, understand your challenges and hear your concerns. We keep communication lines open and listen when you need to talk.

We collaborate. Partnering Resources works with you every step of the way to make decisions, set direction, and solve problems. We combine our deep knowledge of organization change with your deep knowledge of your company in order to develop solutions that stick.

We deliver. Partnering Resources delivers only high-quality, professional products and services. You can expect the best from us, and rest assured that you’re receiving excellence with every deliverable.

We keep our promises. You can count on Partnering Resources to do what we say we’ll do. We’ll be open and honest with you and we’ll meet every commitment.

Where We Work

Partnering Resources is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and serves Boston, Providence, Worcester, Nashua, Hartford, and the entire New England region. Partnering Resources also serves select domestic and international clients outside New England.

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