Chocolate at Work: A Lighter Post for August

Maya Hosts a Chocolate Tasting

Maya hosts a chocolate tasting

If you know me, you know that I love chocolate. You also know that I’ve taken that love beyond simply hoarding bars in my chocolate chiller (yes, I bought a chiller to keep my chocolates safe from heat). I’ve created a curated guide to artisan chocolatiers in Paris and New York, led professional tastings, and facilitated industry conversations about cacao standards.

I recently had the chance to talk with John Garrett about what this hobby has to do with work. John calls himself a “recovering CPA.” Freed from cubicles and spreadsheets, he now tours the country as a corporate comedian and hosts the Green Apple Podcast.

In our podcast, I talked with John about chocolate, social capital, and the importance of bringing your self to your work. Here’s how he describes our conversation:

“Maya really likes chocolate. I mean really likes it. It all started when she was in college and a chocolate fudge brownie a la mode sundae made her lose track of time and space as she was in total flow with that moment in time. And now she uses chocolate to start client meetings, which brings everyone together and also puts them in a great mood. She also actively participates in chocolate festivals throughout the country and even hosts tastings. So it looks like Boston just moved up to the top of my cities to visit next!”

“In this episode, we talk about how your value to your organization is much more than your intellectual capital — it’s the social capital of all your connections as well. And in this world of virtual teams, it’s even important to create these personal connections. And she also offers some really great tips about how to decide which chocolate is actually your favorite.”

When else can you justify chocolate as a work activity? Listen to the podcast now!

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