Client Case Studies


Aligning an Entire Organization around Ambitious Goals

The story of how a new financial services company CEO turned around an entire company by aligning them around ambitious goals.


Building a High Performing Team

The story of how a technology company Marketing Vice President moved her team from good to great.


Closure, Learning & Layoffs

The story of how a leadership team maintained high performance standards and a 95% retention rate during the closure of an entire business unit. Originally published in Chief Learning Officer magazine.


Evaluating Culture, Collaboration, Morale, and Impact of Restructuring at the National Braille Press

The story of how the National Braille Press evaluated culture, collaboration, morale, impact of restructuring, and more through network analysis.

From Regional to Global: Using a Network Strategy to Align a Multinational Organization

The story of how Bayer CropScience's Global Public & Government Affairs department used a network strategy to build alignment and become a truly global organization. Published in People + Strategy, Spring 2017.

Knowledge Sharing and Innovation

The story of how a technology organization changed its knowledge-hoarding culture and created an innovative working environment.

Leveraging Hidden Influencers to Support Change

The story of how a pension administration system used a network analysis to identify hidden influencers, subject matter experts, and allies for a large-scale technology change.

Mapping Austin’s Adolescent Health System

The story of a group of service providers, funders, and policy makers assessed the adolescent health system in Austin, Texas, and mobilized for positive change. Originally published in Nonprofit Quarterly.


Mobilizing an Organization to Achieve an Ambitious Goal

The story of how a technology company used thoughtful change management techniques to mobilize an organization in order to achieve an ambitious goal.

Organization Assessment Case Studies, Methods, & Results

Five short case studies on organization assessment, including how an energy company completed a workforce assessment, how an HR leader conducted an organization assessment, how a utility planned transition, and how an HR leader embarked on an accountability mapping process.

Refocusing after Executive Transition

The story of how a university Chief Information Officer shifted a culture from politicking, power-mongering, and dependence to consistent service, quality, and responsiveness.

Return on Investment: Why Talking about Values Makes Sense

The story of how dueling IT and business leaders found common ground through values during a challenging project.

Strategic Decision Making in a Complex Ecosystem

The story of how one organization used intensive participation and ecosystem mapping to find hidden opportunities and develop new strategies in a complex ecosystem.

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