“Best in Conference” Speaking Engagements

Partnering Resources founder Maya Townsend delivers engaging, creative, high quality presentations that have been acclaimed “best in conference” by participants. Key speaking engagement topics include networked leadership, change navigation, and strategy exploration / business ecosystems.

Networked Leadership

Strategic Networking

In this workshop, we help participants move beyond ad hoc approaches to sustainable, targeted, high-impact networking practices. Participants take away:

  • The four networks that everyone needs–and the one most people neglect
  • Assessment of your network’s strategic strength
  • How to build a more sustainable, high-impact networking practice

The Art & Science of Networking

Maya's LinkedIn Network

In this highly interactive, fast-paced workshop, we learn about the science behind networking. We dispel the myth that people who want strong networks should never eat alone and, instead, we learn about the simple actions that significantly contribute to the health of your network. Participants take away:

  • Insights into the science of networking
  • The constraints of the brain–and how to use those constraints wisely
  • The four circles within a network and how to move people between them
  • Real-time advising about on-the-job challenges

Antidote to the 10,000 Name Contact List (Networking for Introverts, Busy People, and People Who Hate Networking)

Some of us will never enjoy walking into a room of strangers and making connections. Does that mean we’re doomed professionally? Not at all! In this session, we learn about the science behind networking and how that science can help engineers, technologists, and introverts make connections successfully and strategically. Participants take away:

  • The three types of Critical Connectors and how to leverage them
  • How high performers use networks
  • A high impact, minimalist approach to networking
  • Five networking traps and how to remedy them

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Change Leadership

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Strategy Exploration & Business Ecosystems

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