Client Feedback about Partnering Resources’ Speaking

As a HR professional, I found Maya Townsend’s presentation at the ONA Summit to be extremely insightful with respect to the power of organizational diagnostic tools.  There are an infinite number of touchpoints every minute in our organizations where the power of people to influence others can propel the organization forward, or stall progress. In the past, I have measured those by instinct and reactive conflict resolution rather than a diagnostic approach that provides tangible data points to share with leadership and map a solution.  Maya demonstrated the power of this beautifully.

Participant, Network Patterns

It was a pleasure to witness your presentation at the recent ONA Summit. It was so profound and answered so many of my questions about how can we use ONA at the heart of business decisions. Many thanks for the insights!

Participant, Stop Fighting Fires, Start Shifting Patterns: Using Network Knowledge to Shape Change

Many thanks for your talk and your participation in the panel discussion yesterday. The way you made it easy for the attendees to understand how to read network maps and plan actions based on them was a very important part of the day. And it was also very engaging. You always surprise me by bringing in new content and perspectives.

Participant, Stop Fighting Fires, Start Shifting Patterns: Using Network Knowledge to Shape Change

Fantastic presentation. The network weaving really came alive and the focus on how you work with leaders was very well done. Inspiring.

Participant, Stop Fighting Fires, Start Shifting Patterns: Using Network Knowledge to Shape Change

I appreciated Maya's presentation, our group discussion, and the brain teasers she left us with. So much to think on now.

Participant, Our Organizations are Networks Presentation

Best session of the conference!

Participant, Our Organizations are Networks Presentation

I’m so glad I went to the event last night! Maya offered perspectives on networking I hadn’t thought about in that light: she highlighted the power of alternatives to attending the big gatherings  such as raving about a colleague, and setting a goal to have two 1-on-1s a month. I’ll still attend networking events but will put more effort into these alternatives. Maya was an enthusiastic, engaging speaker.

Participant, Networking for Introverts Women in the Enterprise of Science and Technology

Your message about engagement and community struck a chord, and my first response was, "OK! This woman gets it!" So glad you were there to give voice to ideas that I hold so dear.

Audience, "What Got You Here Won't Get You There," Inc. 500 | 5000

Best meeting I have attended. It was simple, informative and entertaining, all at the same time.

Participants, "Industry Exploration"

An engaging presentation. Well done. The highlight of the conference.

Participant, Using Networks in Talent Management

She engaged the audience, she requested us to "practice," she gave us tools and ways to accomplish her shared knowledge without a request to buy something. She gave tools to actually use.

Participant, Using Networks in Talent Management

Maya was a fantastic speaker. She was engaging, thoughtful, and full of good information. I'd definitely attend a session if she led one again in the future.

Participant, Using Networks in Talent Management

Great blend of process and content. Valuable tool and approach. Well done.

Very interesting and engaging.

Participants, Illuminating the Invisible

Very well done. It was a lot of complex information presented with visuals (and jokes) that allowed me to really leave here with a tangible understanding.

Participant, Illuminating the Invisible

[In answer to the question, "What worked well?"] "Pace and engagement! Relevant content!!! Most useful session yet!!!"

Participant, HBA Session on Becoming a Change Leader

This workshop was extremely valuable in helping us think about the "theory" of networking and helping us evaluate our networks and where they are strong, where they are weak, and how we can more strategically think about leveraging the networks we have and building it out where needed.

Participant, Art & Science of Networking

Maya was such a warm, engaging presenter! She is clearly knowledgeable and passionate about her subject.

Participant, Art & Science of Networking

Good insights into how to grow yourself and others to top performance. Good insights into how to try to tear down our time honored, but gawd awful silos.

Participant, Art & Science of Networking

Maya successfully guided us through and helped us execute a very challenging change management preparation effort that was designed to position us to make a successful transition from one technology platform to another, vastly different platform. I was very impressed with her structured, methodical and experienced-based approach. She quickly gained the confidence of the CM steering committee that I was a member of. If the opportunity presented itself, I would not hesitate to engage Maya again for a similar effort and recommend her highly.

CIO, Pension Management Company

Awesome! Great ideas and group participation examples.

Best workshop I attended during the conference.

Participants, HBA Session on Becoming a Change Leader

I learned that networking is not just meeting and talking with people. It's identifying the roles that people play and how they are connected in the organization. It helps with collaboration and productivity. I can now effectively network and help others network, both inside and outside the organization.

Participant, Art & Science of Networking

The presenter, Maya, was wonderful in presenting information, facilitating difficult conversations, and making it fun.

Program Manager, nonprofit HIV / AIDS organization

The presentation you gave to a group of high-potential employees participating in formal development programs with our Company was excellent. You did a perfect job of illustrating the power of informal networks, and suggesting some ways to tap them for professional and personal growth. What I responded to most was the way that you presented a case study that really reflected some of the challenges within our business and industry now.

Director, publishing company

Facilitator made everything seem easy. Maya is wonderful!

Participant, PMI Central Massachusetts engagement

You are a terrific and engaging presenter. I learned a lot about my network and where I need to focus. The ways you had us networking while doing the exercises was brilliant!

President, business services company

Maya spoke at our January PMI Mass Bay Chapter meeting about the value of Informal Networks to Achieve Project Success. What an excellent topic and dynamic presentation! As one of the largest PMI Chapters in the country, our attendees are seasoned project managers, and Maya's delivery, insights, and motivational approach were right on target with what our members were looking for. You could almost hear the group “aha” during the session!

Program Director, PMI Mass Bay

Maya was one of the most skillful presenters I have seen in terms of creating buzz, interest, engagement and participation, as well as a subject matter expert.

VP, business services organization

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