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IT organizations are in a tough spot. There’s more pressure than ever to bring cutting-edge apps to market and leverage social media for the benefit of the firm. At the same time, IT is weighed down by heavy legacy systems that require significant time and money to maintain.

We help you make IT work by building the capabilities, connecting with players, and shaping the context to be successful. Our offerings include IT Alignment, IT Change Management, and IT Collaboration.

IT Alignment: Move from Order Taker to Trusted Adviser

Only 34% of CIOs are actively involved in driving most major business decisions. Twenty-six percent of CIOs are brought in only after decisions have been made (Forrester). The results can be devastating: missed deadlines, disappointment when high expectations can’t be met, and erosion of trust and respect.

Aligned IT shops, on the other hand, enable new revenue streams more than two times as frequently as non-aligned shops (CIO). Who wouldn’t want to be aligned?

We facilitate a process to connect IT and business leaders in collaborative, mutually satisfying planning and decision-making processes. Through our work, you get what you need:

  • A clear, agreed upon value proposition
  • Identification of your IT shop’s core services
  • A solid strategic direction and goals
  • A joint IT-business governance system to make decisions, manage your portfolio, and resolve competing priorities
  • An organization structure that supports IT’s value proposition, core services, and strategic direction and goals
  • Measures and review systems

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IT Change Management

Elements of Successful Change Leadership

IT is at the forefront of change. Everything IT does involves change: introducing new systems, updating old systems, designing new processes, and creating new interfaces. Yet, change management continues to stymie many IT organizations. In fact, only 38% of change initiatives completely or mostly successful improving performance (McKinsey).

We work with you to develop an actionable, pragmatic change management practice in your organization. The specifics depend on your context. We can help you design a program and train your staff so they can embed change management techniques into every project. Or we can serve as change management specialists on a large technology implementation, strategic change, or culture change. Either way, you get what you need: change expertise that aligns human behavior with the new way of doing business so your organization achieves its return on investment.

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IT Collaboration

IT Collaboration. Image courtesy of Bob Akerley.

Introducing new IT solutions takes collaboration. Yet, amidst competing priorities, looming deadlines, and impatient customers, IT staff often follow the critical path and loses track of collaboration. The costs: reinventing the wheel, awkward handoffs, tasks falling through the cracks, and organizations stuck in ruts they can’t escape.

We work with you to design a collaboration strategy that works for your unique culture and context. We start with an assessment that pinpoints critical barriers to collaboration and identifies easy leverage points. We work with you to translate those results into action plans and then support you during their execution. The result: a more collaborative, effective organization that learns from its mistakes, shares knowledge, and works together to achieve its goals. For more information on our assessment process, see our KnowledgeWeb PDF.

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