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The New Networking, a project of Partnering Resources, is busting traditional networking myths!

Networking Myth #1: My Network is Terrible

Do you think you have a terrible network? You probably don’t. Watch our to bust the first myth of networking: that out networks are hopelessly inadequate.

Networking Myth #2: Lots of Business Cards –> Lots of Success

Do you measure your success based on the number of business cards you collect at a networking event? Sorry, that’s just not the way to go. Our second video busts the business card myth and tells you what you really need to do to be successful.

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January 26

Smarter Networking 101: This free webinar will help you find new, effective, and focused ways to develop your network. Join us for the free Smarter Networking 101 webinar on January 26.

February 2

Smarter Networking Online Learning Series: Want to move beyond the 101 to create a sustainable, effective networking practice customized to your unique situation? Join us for the live, online Smarter Networking learning series beginning on February 2.

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