Networks and Organization Network Analysis

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A newly merged company needs to understand the best of both organizations and integrate two separate cultures, processes, structures, and systems into one.

A large pharmaceutical company needs to assess its talent pool for hidden high potentials, subject matter experts, and rising stars. 

A network assessment draws on the best thinking in the world of systems and network dynamics to identify how people collaborate, share information, solve problems, and get work done. A web-based survey gathers interaction data from employees, which is analyzed using complex algorithms to produce graphical network maps, social capital reports, and other important analyses. Clients learn:

  • How the organization actually functions
  • Where the organization faces risks and instabilities
  • Who are the organization’s high performers, rising stars, and hidden subject matter experts
  • Who is under- and over-utilized

In addition, a network analysis identifies power roles: the positions that have disproportionate influence over the network as a whole. By identifying these power roles, organizations can take concrete steps to:

  • Communicate efficiently and quickly with large numbers of people
  • Accelerate implementation of critical projects
  • Increase knowledge sharing and innovation in the organization
  • Break down silos and collaborate across functional, geographic, and other barriers
  • Promote the right people into the right jobs
  • Develop data-based, sound succession plans

Specifically, a network analysis measures how people complete activities related to strategy, decision making, routine work, innovation, problem solving, and other aspects of organization life of interest to the client.

Network assessments are most helpful in situations in which talent, collaboration, change, knowledge, and/or innovation are hot topics.

What Clients Get from an Organizational Network Analysis

  • Organization Network Maps: Online, password-protected graphical displays of communication patterns, information flows, bottlenecks, and risks
  • Diagnostics: An assessment of organization health based on network statistics
  • Formal Report: Text report explaining findings, recommendations
  • Talent Assessment (optional): Lists of hidden subject matter experts, high performers, and covert high potentials along with suggestions about how to leverage them

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