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Employee Engagement During Crisis

Employee engagement is tied to leadership effectiveness. Data and image from Zenger Folkman.

  • Closure, Layoffs, and Learning: A Look at First Allmerica Financial’s Life Division – Keeping employees engaged during a company closure is one of the hardest tasks a manager faces. This case study features a group of leaders who not only kept people engaged, but gave employees what they called “the best job I ever had.” For lessons learned from this extraordinary experience, read this Chief Learning Officer article. (Download the PDF version: Closure, Layoffs, and Learning: A Look at First Allmerica Financial’s Life Division). Published Chief Learning Officer.

Everyday Employee Engagement

  • Energizing a Weary Workforce – “Actively disengaged” workers cost US businesses $300 billion a year in productivity losses, according to a recent Gallup study. In today’s competitive environment, organizations can’t afford to have slackers in the workforce. Yet, so many employees have been worn down by non-stop changes, continually rising expectations, and increasing speed of delivery. This article suggests ways to energize a weary workforce and reengage employees. Published on Corp Ed Group.com. 
  • Speed Coaching – Need to get people energized and connected quickly? Speed coaching is the way to do it! This fast-paced, interactive activity helps launch any meeting or deepen any group’s relationships through a structured, fun, speed coaching format. This is one of our favorite activities and, with our easy guide, you can run it yourself in your organization. Free Resource.
  • Your Turn: Who’s at Risk? – It’s your turn to make the decision. In this 1-page case study, a nonprofit organization needs to find the rising stars among its volunteer pool and identify who’s at risk for being over-burdened. You have the volunteer structure and the volunteers’ work patterns. Who do you think is at risk? Partnering Resources Learning Case.

Employee Performance

  • Performance Management Myths & Facts – Ever wonder who’s really responsible for performance management? Whether you can change a goal halfway through the year? This short article busts some current performance management myths and clears up what’s fact and what’s fiction. Published on Corp Ed Group.com.
  • Cascading Goals System – A powerful tool that organizations use to create alignment up, down and across the company. In addition to creating alignment, cascading goals also help identify extraneous activities so they can be retired; identify measures that track mission-critical activities; and create intense focus on what’s really important. Free Resource.


  • Who Trumps How: How Building Your Networks Can Help You – Interested in learning more about social and organizational networks? This short, on-demand online show will give you the basics about networks: what they are, why they matter, and how high performers use networks to help them succeed. Partnering Resources Presentation.


Successful Onboarding. Image by limaoscarjuliet on flickr.

  • Welcome! Now Get to Work: Creating On-boarding Programs That Set Employees Up for Success – 64% of executives hired from the outside fail at their jobs. Companies spend time and money to search, interview, hire, and engage these executives. Their efforts, more often than not, are unsuccessful. This short presentation highlights the reasons why executives fail and what companies can to help new hires succeed. Presented at the 2010 NEHRA conference.

Social Media

  • Recipe for Social Media Success – Entrepreneur Paul Trevithick says, “We always get the technology right and the sociology wrong.” In other words, we’re great at installing new software and hardware solutions, but how often do we implement solutions that people never use to their potential? This article provides tips for getting your social media strategy right. Published Maya Townsend & Amin Marts in Mass High Tech.

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