Free Tool: Project Execution Assessment

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The best strategies are simply good ideas… until someone implements them. How well does your organization execute?

Our Execution Assessment measures performance along five critical dimensions:

  • Strategic Clarity – How well has the organization defined the strategy? How will you know you’re successful? How adept is the organization at understanding progress and adapting to changes that affect the strategy?
  • Right Resources – Does the implementation team have the skills, knowledge, and resources they need to succeed? How well have decision making parameters and performance expectations been clarified?
  • Good Data – How well does information about the strategy, progress, and changes affecting the strategy flow between the implementation team and other stakeholders?
  • Change Management – How well has the team identified and connected with stakeholders in order to help them adapt?
  • Project Structure – How much time is spent inventing how to run the project… versus actually implementing the work?

Download a short version of our Execution Capability Assessment now. And let us know:

How well does your organization execute its strategies?

Is your strategy stuck in the 20th century?

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