Do You Have a Productive Partnership or a Tug of War?

Productive Partnership or Tug of War

They’re supposed to be your ally. Your co-conspirator. Your partner. But instead it feels like every conversation is a struggle. This isn’t how it is supposed to be.

In the best partnerships, people create something that neither could have accomplished on their own. They merge their unique perspectives, resources, and interests together in the interest of a greater goal. Easier said than done.

In our new white paper, “What Makes a Productive Partnership,” Amber Mayes and I break it down:

  • What are the four critical issues every partnership needs to address?
  • What’s the challenge most likely to make a partnership crash and burn?
  • What are the stages in the partnering process?
  • What can people do to set up their partnership for success?

We talk about why bringing a laser-like focus to the task at hand can have unintended (and undesirable) consequences. And we share stories of partnerships that have done it right.

If your partnership isn’t working as you’d like or if you’re about to launch a new partnership, download “What Makes a Productive Partnership?


Join Maya on Saturday, March 17 for a conversation about partnership at “It’s About People” panel at the Mass Cultural Council Institute.

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