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We help companies build collaboration at work by developing the capabilities, connecting with the players, and shaping the context that will help you succeed. Our service offerings fall into two categories: CollaborationWeb and High Performance Team Workout. We also provide highly-acclaimed collaboration training and free resources on collaboration at work.

Create a Collaboration at Work: CollaborationWeb

Collaboration at Work. Image courtesy of Bob Akerley.

Just as no person is an island, no individual can do his or her work in isolation. To be truly effective, organizations need people who can reach across boundaries to tap experts, decision makers, and innovators when needed. Those who do are more likely to succeed than those that operate in a vacuum.

We work with you to design a collaboration strategy that works for your unique culture and context. We start with an assessment that pinpoints critical barriers to collaboration and learning identifies easy leverage points. We work with you to translate the results of the assessment into action plans and then support you during their execution. The result: a more collaborative, effective organization that evolves, shares knowledge, and works together to achieve its goals.

High Performance Team Workout

Crew Team - Seattle Municipal Archives Flickr

High Performance Team Workout. Image: Seattle Municipal Archives on flickr.

The group has 6 months to come together and accomplish something very difficult. Maybe it’s designing and rolling out a new project management methodology worldwide. Perhaps it’s pulling off the first large-scale user conference in the company’s history. Or maybe the group needs to create the next breakthrough product for the company. Whatever the specifics, the point is consistent: the stakes are high and failure is not an option.

This initiative provides high-stakes teams with the support they need to achieve quickly and efficiently. We guide the team through an intensive team boot camp that builds trust, clarifies roles and responsibilities, analyzes stakeholders, and produces a solid implementation plan. We meet with the team twice a month for six months to help the team address mission-critical team issues and obstacles. The results: aligned, focused, high performing teams.

For more information, read our High Performance Team Workout. To explore whether a High Performance Team Workout makes sense for your organization, contact us.

“I knew that we would not be successful in taking a bigger leadership role in the Company unless we found a way to get to a highly level of performance, without adding additional people. The work that we did with Partnering Resources enabled us to develop, very quickly, into a much higher performing team. We were more effective, more successful and the team members reported significantly greater pride and satisfaction in their accomplishments.” – VP Marketing

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