Deep Democracy

Unresolved conflict can destroy a team, undermine a project, and make work miserable. On the other hand, teams that can navigate tension and difference can innovate and thrive.

The Lewis Method of Deep Democracy was developed by Myrna and Greg Lewis, psychologists who were asked to help a large South African company work through the legacy of apartheid.

Deep Democracy welcomes differences in opinion, perspective, and style. It provides structured, focused methods for helping people hear the messages in the communication, regardless of the method of delivery, and explore differences in ways that are productive and respectful. Deep Democracy gives people tools that can help them facilitate tough conversations and achieve resolution.

Partnering Resources is one of the few American companies delivering Lewis Deep Democracy services. We also provide consultation and facilitation. For more on our services, read below.

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Deep Democracy Workshops

Anyone can learn the skills of Deep Democracy. In our foundational course, called CoResolve, we help people develop the skills they need to successfully navigate tension, lead successful meetings, and make group decisions that stick. Participants gain:

  • Skills for steering conversations and make lasting decisions
  • Ability to head off polarization and help groups engage productively with conflict
  • Tools for healing interpersonal rifts that impede team effectiveness
  • Increased capacity to achieve real commitment and engagement through participation

Class sizes are small–fewer than eleven people–so all have ample opportunity to practice. The 15-hour course can be delivered over 2, 3, 4, or 5 days via Zoom or over 2 – 3 days in person. Download the course outline.

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Deep Democracy Consulting

Sometimes teams need a little support. We help when there are tough issues to navigate, when conflict arises, or when stakes are high. We can consult with you to create conflict-capable cultures or facilitate meetings using the Deep Democracy methodology. As a result of our work together, organizations gain:

  • Capacity to navigate conflicts successfully
  • Resolution to high-stakes, challenging issues
  • Commitment and alignment around strategy and direction
  • Ability to work with differences as assets and sources of creativity rather than a challenge

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