NEW ARTICLE: Realizing the Benefits of True Globalization

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Many organizations say they’re global. Few achieve the benefits of globalization.

Bayer CropScience (BCS) experienced this conundrum several years ago. Their Global Public & Government Affairs (GPGA) division had offices all over the world, but they usually worked independently. Regions reinvented materials and programs created elsewhere. Lessons learned in one area weren’t shared with others. The benefits of globalization weren’t apparent.

In 2012, BCS hired a new leader, Lisa Coen, who was charged with creating a truly global GPGA organization. She was asked to align headquarters and regions around priorities, goals, strategies, and roles. A new article, “From Regional to Global: Using a Network Strategy to Align a Multinational Organization,” describes how Coen proceeded to transform GPGA into a global organization.

The article covers:

  • Why Coen chose the network strategy to transform the organization
  • How Coen gained commitment to change
  • What Coen and GPGA members learned when they took a hard look at their division
  • How leaders used network thinking to improve organization effectiveness
  • What leaders building global networks should consider before beginning their work

This article, co-authored with Lisa Coen and Kittie Watson of Innolect, Inc., was published in the Spring 2017 issue of People + Strategy.

Read “From Regional to Global: Using a Network Strategy to Align a Multinational Organization.

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