Sorry? (Not Sorry): Guest Post on the Art of Apology by Amy Yeager

Photo by Alexas_Fotos on Pixabay.

Photo by Alexas_Fotos on Pixabay.

After several days at a conference, I found myself woefully behind on email. “I’m sorry about the delayed response,” I wrote again and again. But what was I really saying with that apology?

There are actually six different types of apologies, according to Corentus Director of Client Engagement and Partnering Resources Affiliate Amy Yeager. Amy writes about the art of apology in this fantastic new article, Sorry (Not Sorry). As she says:

When does saying we’re sorry help or hurt, or just keep us stuck? As we think about the impact of saying we’re sorry, it can be helpful to distinguish between (at least) six different types of sorry.

I read Amy’s six types with recognition. The “I Suck” Sorry–I’m guilty, definitely. The “You Suck” Sorry–I’m not as frequent an offender as with the “I Suck” Sorry, but I still have to admit to guilt. (Curious about what an “I Suck” Sorry is? Check out Amy’s white paper here.)

Amy’s classification has been a huge help to me as I seek to shift from sorries that don’t hit the mark to ones that do. Thanks, Amy, for this great article!

Read Sorry (Not Sorry).


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