Highlights of The Build Network Conference in Boston

Make Change Stick

“Make Change Stick” at Boston Build, 6/2013. Graphic: dpict info

In June, eighty leaders of mid-sized companies convened at the Build Network conference in Cambridge, MA. The highlights (besides an incredibly enthusiastic, engaged audience that make my presentation on “Six Strategies for Making Change Stick” a ton of fun) were:

  • Dan Ritzenthaler (@danritz) and Nelson Joyce (@nelsonjoyce) of HubSpot (@HubSpot) talking about a technique they picked up from Google that makes every meeting better. Called “Always Be Capturing,” it centers on capturing all thoughts, timelines, issues in meetings. If it’s not worth capturing, it’s time to move on. Dan and Nelson said that this simple technique reduced conflict and accelerated design from months to five days in a recent intensive session with Google.
  • Lee Colan (@LeeColan) of The L Group introduced the four fundamental questions, which have a striking resemblance to our Power Five. His four questions are (1) Where are we going? (2) What are we doing to get there? (3) What can I do to contribute? and (4) What’s in it for me?
  • Brian Halligan (@bhalligan), CEO of HubSpot is an evangelist for inbound marketing. It’s all about making your website into a magnet, he said, by creating fantastic content that’s tailored to the visitor. One day, he predicted, every website we visit will be personalized to our unique background, interests, and needs. We’re not there yet, but soon.
  • Kelvy Bird (@kelvy_bird) of Dpict created beautiful visual summaries of each conference session, including the one for my session (above). I’ve never had this honor before and I’m delighted with the beautiful job that Kelvy did with my session content.

Based on this conference and the beautiful catalogs of ideas published by The Build Network, I’m a fan!

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