Maya Townsend Presents on Change Strategy at The Build Network

The Build NetworkMaya Townsend of Partnering Resources presents “Six Strategies for Making Change Stick (HINT: Connections Matter!)” in July at the 2013 Build Boston SOLVE! Session. Here’s how Build describes the change strategy session:

Challenge: To get better, we have to evolve — but only 38% of leaders say their change efforts have actually improved performance. Why is it so tough to win buy-in and make change stick?

Solution: Change by dictum doesn’t work. The only thing that does: connections, and lot of them. Studies show that effective change makers simultaneously employ these six strategies for building the individual, social, and structural connections that make transformation excite — and, therefore, take hold within — an organization.

For more information, see the Build article on Six Strategies for Making Change Stick.

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