New Case Studies: How to Use Networks Strategically

Blue-Networked-People-croppedNetwork maps make the invisible world of organizational transactions, relationships, and knowledge flows visible. But what can they actually accomplish for an organization?

We recently published two case studies based on our work with clients. Each case study shows how one client used network knowledge to advance their strategy.

Case Study #1: Using Network Mapping to Globalize an Organization

In 2013, a new leader was hired to transform the Public & Governmental Affairs (PGA) division into a truly global organization. The leader realized that PGA needed to operate as a network. She used network thinking to guide development in the organization. She used network mapping to help leaders pinpoint where and how they were needed. Read about the results in Using Network Mapping to Globalize an Organization.

Case Study #2: Leveraging Hidden Influencers to Support Change

After fifteen years, the legacy computer system could no longer support the needs of a growing organization and rapidly changing member needs. The organization embarked on an effort to replace it. During the five-year implementation process, IT would need to maintain the old system. Leaders would need to help staffers, who are inexperienced in newer coding languages, adapt to change. Many feared that this would be difficult since most employees had grown up with the organization and had little experience with change. Read how they used network knowledge to help staff adapt to change in Leveraging Hidden Influencers to Support Change.

These are our two newest case studies. We also have cases on:

  • Mapping Austin’s Health adolescent health network
  • How the National Braille Press used network mapping to culture, collaboration, restructuring, and more
  • Shutting down a division at Allmerica Financial while keeping morale and productivity high
  • How eCopy built a high performing team to tackle challenging stretch goals

To see all of our case studies, look on the right-hand side of this page.


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