Change Communications that Stick

Tried & True Series Graphic

The first in the Tried & True Series: Trusted Models that Stand the Test of Time.

Some tools never lose their value. The hammer. The umbrella. The wheel. These tools have been around for centuries and we trust them.

We have similarly trustworthy, proven tools in the organizational world. The Tried & True series shares trusted models that stand the test of time in graphical form.

Five Levels GraphicFor our first set of models, we’ve culled through the thousands of tools available on change. We’ve chosen seven that we rely on because they consistently do the job. The first of our tools is the Five Levels of Communication.

Most leaders recognize that communication is essential during change. However, all too many think of communication as a simple matter of sending an informational email.

To encourage the understanding, commitment, and behavior modification needed to support sustainable change, organizations must engage in five different levels of communication. This model, developed by Linda Ackerman Anderson and Dean Anderson based on a model by ARC Worldwide, has been helping leaders for years.

Read about the five levels in depth in this previous blog post. Download the five levels infographic here and learn how to make change communications stick.

Five Levels Infographic


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