Surviving Resistance to Change

Tried & True Series Graphic

The second in the Tried & True Series: Trusted Models that Stand the Test of Time.

Most leaders encounter resistance to change. The resistance can take various forms. People can protest the implementation plan, the approach, your leadership, the font size used in change communications, and the decision to change in the first place.

Resistance to Change InfographicThis new infographic on resistance highlights the work of three masters. Rick Maurer’s Three Types of Resistance is a classic method of understanding why people resist and how to respond effectively. Ingrid Bens teaches us how to have conversations about resistance in ways that work. The late Herb Shepard’s teachings offer wisdom from his years of work with organizations.

Use this infographic to help decide how to handle the inevitable challenges and pushback that arise during change.

Download the Surviving Resistance infographic here.

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