Transition: The Human Side of Change

Tried & True Series GraphicThe fourth in the Tried & True Series: Trusted Models that Stand the Test of Time.

Why can’t people just get with the program? They question, they challenge, they complain… and it’s all perfectly predictable and normal.

Transition Snippet - Say Goodbye

Transition is the emotional process people go through when adapting to a change in their world. It doesn’t matter if the change is positive, like having a new baby or getting promoted. People still have to let go of some parts of their life (perhaps the luxury of sleeping late!) and learn new things (how to change a diaper while half asleep).

The process is predictable, according to the work seminal done by organizational thinker and consultant William Bridges. Leaders who understand what people typically experience during change can put measures into place to help accelerate the transition process.

Download Transition – The Human Side of Change infographic here.

Transition Infographic

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