Measuring the Intangible through Organizational Networks

There are many ways to evaluate culture, collaboration, employee morale, team performance, and the impact of restructuring. But it’s difficult to measure all five at once without over-stressing the organization. The National Braille Press successfully used organizational networks and network analysis to evaluate its progress and identify simple but effective improvement actions. Read National Braille Press White Paper to find out how they did it.

Speed Coaching: A Fun Jumpstart for Collaboration at Work

How can 40 people share expertise in meaningful ways in just 30 minutes? With speed coaching, of course! This staple from our training programs helps people gain real-time assistance with on-the-job challenges. It’s been used successfully in the financial services, pharmaceutical, insurance, technology, and education industries. This Speed Coaching article tells you exactly how to replicate speed coaching in your organization.

Check it out if you need an innovative, easy way to:

  • Break the ice during community of practice meetings.
  • Help people clear their heads and focus before beginning a meeting.
  • Solve small problems at the beginning of project team meetings.

High Performance Team Workout: Partnering Resources introduces new service designed to boost team performance

The group has six months to come together and accomplish something challenging. Maybe it’s designing and rolling out a new project management methodology worldwide. Perhaps it’s pulling off the first large-scale user conference in the company’s history. Or maybe this group needs to create the next breakthrough product for the company. The stakes are high and failure is not an option.

Partnering Resources helps you transform individuals into a cohesive, high-performing team. Partnering Resources’ High Performance Team Workout leads your mission-critical team through a facilitated, proven process that gives your team what it needs to succeed. Read about how we implement a High Performance Team Workout for your organization.

Network Power: Tapping Hidden Social Networks to Accelerate Improvement

Have you ever wondered how the grapevine affects improvement efforts? How a leader’s social connections support his or her success leading a quality effort? Whether you can make your next quality improvement effort more successful by tapping into social networks?

Every organization has hidden networks of relationships that employees use in order to get work done, make decisions, and solve problems. These networks have been largely ignored by leaders, but hold the keys to improving performance and accelerating change. In this presentation, ASQ Worcester members learned how we can use hidden networks in quality and improvement efforts.

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